Kodiak Alaska Fishing

Commercial Fishing / Seafood Industry

Kodiak is the center of fishing activities for the Gulf of Alaska. Its fishery is among the most diverse in the state. Residents participate in at least 27 different fisheries not including the numerous groundfish fisheries, which are lumped together in a single category by the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission . In addition to being quite diverse, Kodiak’s fishing industry is also one of its oldest, dating back to the early 1800s when the Russians built the first salmon cannery in Karluk.

Kodiak is consistently one of the top fishing ports in the United States both in terms of quantity and value.  Come fishing in Kodiak Alaska to see why it is known as one of the best places for salmon and cod fishing!

Salmon has traditionally been the mainstay of Kodiak’s fisheries. Because of the cyclic nature of the salmon fisheries — especially pink salmon — the volume and value of Kodiak’s salmon catch varies greatly. Increased competition in world markets has also driven prices to new lows.

During recent years, the groundfish fishery (primarily pollock and cod) has become increasingly important to Kodiak’s economy.¬†From 1986 through 2005, the wholesale value of this fishery increased from $23.5 to more than $35 million.

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